Announcing Our New Website

I am so happy to announce the launch of the new!

With many thanks going to Adina Cicort and her company Ameromedia for all of her help and support. All of this would not have been possible without the generosity and assistance of Donald Wristen.

Donald started this company back in 1981 and drove it’s success for 32 years. When Donald was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last January, one of his first phone calls was to me. He told me that it was his wish that DFW Photography Inc. continue to grow in my hands. So we arraigned a couple of months ago for me to take over DFW Photography Inc and here are the first fruits of the new improved DFW Photography Inc.

I am sad to say that this past week, Donald passed away, but before he did, he saw the preview of this site and gave it his blessing.

It is my goal to deliver the finest photography at a competitive price and continue to develop long lasting customers. I firmly believe that to provide the best customer service, it is imperative that flexibility, quality, and timely delivery are all key. It is my promise to deliver these qualities with each and every job that is entrusted to me.

Please come enjoy the new site and see the many services that we

now offer. If you have an event or project coming up, please consider me. You can request a quote here or I am be happy to meet with you personally to discuss your needs.

Thank you for looking and know that you can always call me at 972-824-4609,

Jim Moss

President and Chief Photographer